Civil LitigationLitigation

Civil litigation includes all disputes that are formally submitted to a court, about any subject in which one party is claimed to have committed a wrong, but not a crime.

Civil litigation takes many forms, depending on the the type of case. But in general, this is the legal process that most people think of when the word “lawsuit” is used. A typical lawsuit begins with filing a complaint in court; the other party gets notice of the complaint and is given an opportunity to answer. There may be opportunities for both parties to “discover” what each one intends to present as evidence at trial; and a trial is then scheduled. How formal the trial is, and whether or not is uses a jury, depends on the type and location of the case.

Real Estate Litigation

We represent clients in acquisition and development disputes, construction related matters involving general contractors, subcontractors and related liens as well as title disputes and trustee sale/forclosures. Our attorneys have represented both creditor claims asserting rights under a deed of trust as well as defending against deficiency lawsuits and litigated fair market value disputes. We are also involved in:

  • the development, acquisition, disposition, leasing, financing, construction and syndication of industrial, commercial and residential real estate;
  • real estate loan and partnership workouts,
  • foreclosures;
  • zoning and land use;
  • housing and urban development.

Our firm regularly represents clients in purchases and sales by real estate investment trusts, entity conduits and limited liability entities. We also represent landlords and tenants with respect to the leasing of apartments, as well as office and commercial space.

Personal Injury Litigation

We have experience representing plaintiffs in personal injury claims for vehicle negligence, slip and fall, construction related injury, property damage, medical malpractice, and premises liability.