Transactional LawTransactional Law

This area of our practice involves researching, drafting, and negotiating documents for our clients.  From contracts for large corporations to the closing documents for the purchase of a house our attorneys have the experience necessary to advise clients on the best path forward and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and laws.

Real Estate

A typical real estate closing for a residential property includes an array of legal documents that must be signed by the parties.  Our attorneys and paralegals review each document for accuracy and completeness to ensure that the terms agreed upon by the parties are reflected in the documents and that all documents needed to legally transfer the property are included and are error-free.

Corporate Formation Transactions

Selection of entity type and creation of the operation documentation is an integral component to the success of a new endeavor or the protection of the entity’s assets.  Our attorneys are experienced in helping clients determine the type and structure of complex organizational structures as well as create the necessary documents that define the inner mechanics of the entity’s management.

Lease Agreements

Commercial leases in particular can be extremely complex.  An error in a commercial lease agreement could cost the parties thousands, even millions, of dollars down the road.